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Commonly asked questions answered.


Question: Can I run Speachy on its own and use it with any app?


Answer:  The short answer is no, but you can always find a way to route the audio in any way you like, although it may require a bit of research and know-how.

SPEACHY CANNOT RUN ON ITS OWN and requires a VST compatible host software.


Question: I still hear a lot of latency, even with "REAL TIME" quality setting. How is that possible?

Answer: Even though the plugin itself is running at 0ms latency, its possible that latency is picked up somewhere else within your signal chain.

This may be caused by your sound interface or its buffer size, USB microphone, corresponding drivers and also the host software. Some software (OBS for example) does not provide real-time monitoring because of absent ASIO driver support.

But even with monitoring latency, you can still use Speachy to get great output audio!

In this case, you might have to resort to direct monitoring - a common feature of most USB microphones and sound interfaces, that provides a direct analogue feed of raw microphone signal, that is without any latency at all.

No digital audio is truly real-time by its nature, but current technology can get very close.

The plugin by itself is truly 0ms in "REAL TIME" setting, only picking up about 10ms with the De-Noiser active. "BEST" quality setting brings the latency to about 80-160ms depending on which modules are active. 

Question: When I try loading up the plugin in SLOBS, the window freezes or my entire software crashes. Why is that?

Answer: This is unfortunately a known issue with SLOBS. I have been in contact with the Streamlabs team about this and they are aware of the issue. I have heard, that they are working on the fix, but there is currently no ETA. SLOBS also has issues with a lot of other VST plugins as well, not just Speachy. I recommend using OBS Studio or a separate VST host software instead. 

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